About us

Win-Power USB Technology Co. Ltd was founded in Hong Kong in 2004. 


Win-Power USB Technology Co. Ltd  is focus on providing high-end goods and services to strategic enterprises in all around the world. Products includes High-end USB flash drive,Micro sd card,Cpu,hot sell Laptop,DDR,HDD,Hard Drive,Led tv,Video Card.


As the headquarter of HONG KONG,Shenzhen Gaoqidian Technology co.,Ltd  is responsible for regional technical support to all around the world.


Win-Power USB Technology Co. Ltd also serves as spare parts center for the whole Hong Kong to provide up-to-date high-end services to our customers. As a major system integrator and managed service provider in Hong Kong, Gaoqidian  has many opportunities to co-operate with other telecommunications companies in the region. Gaoqidian maintains excellent relationship with major system integrators and service providers which include usb flash drive,micro sd card,power bank

Quality of Staff

We provide well-trained staff of R&D and sales. These staff can

provides 100% support for you before and after the sale. We

spare no effort to maintain quality control and shipment

schedules  and competitive prices.